What is SEARCH?

SEARCH is a peer to peer ministry, allowing youth (ages 16 and 17) along with young adults (ages 18 and older) to minister to youth and young adults. SEARCH is a way to help you on your journey to discover God, yourself, and a Christian community. This is a time to experience a loving, supportive community of young people who want to learn, and experience a closer relationship with God and with others.

The weekend retreat is held four times throughout the year at Maryvale Convent, home of the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation. Maryvale is located in the hills, a few minutes north of Valley City, providing a great opportunity in stepping away from your normal routine.

SEARCH is a time away from the busyness of day to day life for experiencing…
   * The vibrant spirit of the young Catholic Christian community
   * The Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist
   * Input and reflection for discerning your future vocation
   * Acceptance and support from caring peers
   * Personal and communal prayer services
   * Witness of faith by young adults
   * A weekend of FUN
   * Christ, alive and well

The weekend is sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Fargo Youth and Young Adult Ministry Department and is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition. SEARCH weekends are for any high school or college-age person, at least 16 years of age, and are open to all denominations and creeds. SEARCH is not designed as a means to conversion to Catholicism but is an open invitation to join a Christ-centered community of youth and young adults.

This weekend retreat is made up of many facets. Team members will be sharing bits and pieces of themselves, including their joys and struggles in everyday life, how Christ fits into their busy schedules, and why it is important to have Christ as your center. These personal experiences will touch your heart and kindle your faith.

A team member is a young person, who is returning after one or more SEARCH retreats and who has demonstrated a gift of faith. The team members serve as leaders, coordinators, speakers, table leaders, etc. The weekend truly is a peer to peer ministry and is run by the young people, including, a specially chosen Student Director. Every weekend is unique based on the participants.

The weekend begins at 5:30pm on Friday and ends at around 4:30 on Sunday. You will NEED to be present for the whole weekend. It is difficult to put into words what a weekend actually is, but we can guarantee that …. You will be glad you came.